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Dizajn bez názvu-56


Dizajn bez názvu-56


Dizajn bez názvu-56



Our Thai masseuses have many years of experience. Based on the positive feedback from our previous guests, we can assure you that you will be fully satisfied with our services.

Traditional Thai massage

60 min / 90 min

Thai massage is a full body massage, which is performed in comfortable Thai clothing, through which the therapist touches the acupressure points and exerts the necessary pressure on them…

Hot herbal massage

60 min / 90 min

The traditional Thai herb pillow contains a mixture of many Thai herbs, which are wrapped in Thai cotton. When applied to the body using heat and pressure, the essential oils…

Back and neck massage

30 min / 45 min / 60 min

Massage focused on the neck, shoulders, sacrum and lumbar area. It improves blood circulation to the skin and detoxifies the body, relieves the body of accumulated stress…

Oil aromatic massage

60 min / 90 min

Thai oil aromatic massage is a milder form of Thai massage, using oils and rubbing touches in combination with acupressure pressures. It combines the healing techniques used in traditional…

Thai foot and leg massage

30 min / 45 min / 60 min

The feet are massaged with fingers and wooden mallets. The massage brings peace, relaxation, emotional balance and detoxification of the body. It removes stress, the feeling…

Neck, head and shoulder massage

30 min

Thai oil-free (dry) head and neck massage is a systematically focused massage in which there is a deep relaxation of the entire nervous system. It helps to remove stress, stretches…

Couple massage

45 min/ 60 min / 90 min

Coupled massage is an very popular and sought-after service in worldwide. It offers a great program opportunity for many others, including couples, spouses, mothers, their daughters, siblings, friends, or even good-natured co-workers. The paired massage can be shaped and personalized according to any relationship…


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